Favorite tech products and Instagram Live!

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Hi dads, it's Paul from Fathercraft. At Fathercraft, we're obsessed with finding the best products, solutions, and parenting ideas. Plus resources on how to be an awesome dad.

So I’d love to know - what are the techy dad-approved baby products you can't live without? Moms - you are included in this too! What products do you know that dads can't live without?

As dad to two girls, we’ve found The Snoo super helpful early on, and of course the Nanit … we’ve gotten SO much use out of ours over the years, and it’s actually helped our kids be better sleepers.

PS - Tomorrow I’ll be co-hosting an Instagram Live with my business partner John, Nanit dad @JCol, and his wife Jen. Head to @get_nanit at 8pm EST tomorrow to learn more about Nanit hacks and other favorites that we’ve found over the years!


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    I love the kids fire tablet. You can pair it with Nanit. It is rugged and even if it breaks it costs less $100. We use ours daily for our nanny cam and then he has it for car/plane trips.