Baby awake most of the night.

My baby was born premature (31weeks) now he’s 43 weeks, he was waking up on his own every 3 hours to eat and get back to sleep. It’s been 3 days since he’s waking up at his 12:30am feeding and go back to sleep around 4-5 am. Nothing has change he’s just awake during those hours. Is there something we can do yo help him


  • Kasgo
    Kasgo Member

    Our baby was born at 32 weeks. He's now 6 months, almost 7 months old actual. He never had such a wide awake time so young but he did make a lot of noise grunting etc. which apparently preemies do and then of course the gas bothers them and they're always tossling. Is your baby wide awake with eyes open and crying continuously, or is your baby actively sleeping?

  • Sheyla_22
    Sheyla_22 Member

    When he was younger he did a lot of noises, he’s actually awake and just looking around he will start crying once he’s tired but most of the time he’s just calm and looking around.