6 month old transition from swaddle to arms out sleep sack!

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Our baby has used for about the 5 months the traditional hands down to the side Velcro swaddle. About a month ago we purchased the swaddle me sack that has the arm zip off wings. We started with the hands up but still both hands zipped on. Then one night did one arm out (so we removed one wing) she woke up so many times during the night. Tonight we are trying with both wings off so both arms out. Just curious on any other parents tips when transitioning their baby. She tends to wake up mid night crying so we soothe her with her pacifier. After 5 am she will wake up a few more times till around 7 -8 am when she’s fully up.

preciously to the transition she would sleep from 8:30ish pm to about 8 am straight. So it’s been a bit of a change. Tips or ideas highly appreciated!

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  • NanitMelanie
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    @Willp when we transitioned our daughter from the swaddle to her sleep sack it took about 3 nights for her to get used to the freedom. We went cold turkey and let both arms out from the first night (Looking back I don't know what I was thinking!), but it was 2 nights of her figuring it out and waking a bit more and by the 3rd night she was completely used to it! I will say, my baby really loves the sleep sack and started getting longer stretches - but that could be due to her being older and not necessarily being out of the swaddle!

    Hope the transition is going well!