4 Month Regression

She used to sleep okay, never great. Now it’s taking a couple of hours to put her down and get her to stay asleep, laying her down over and over again. When she finally does stay asleep, it’s normally for 20 minutes, 40 max. It’s been like this for a week. We’re absolutely exhausted and have no idea what to do. She’ll sleep in our arms okay, but not at all in the crib. It’s feeling hopeless. She’s 4 months old but is a little less than that adjusted (born at 37 weeks), so I’m hesitant to try crying it out, and that also just hurts my heart so much, but where desperate for tips and advice.


  • LyraB
    LyraB Member

    We didn’t let our son cry it out but we did give him the space to adjust to his crib. Nighttime sleep is the easiest to start with. Do you have a bedtime routine? Our is bottle, bath, massage while we put his diaper on, pjs and sleep sack, read a book, shut the lights off, sing a song, then put down in crib. He would fuss a little and if he wouldn’t calm (you know the cries by now), we immediately went in and soothed him. It takes some time and four months is tough with the sleep regression but you’ll get there!! You’re doing great!