How many people can use the app to see the baby?

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How many people can use the app to see the baby? For instance, if my mom is baby sitting, can she just download the app, sign in to our account and see the baby?


  • Melanie
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    Hi @brooke you are able to invite people to be a part of your parenting team on the app so that they are able to view your baby's live stream.

    Here is how you can invite your mom (or another parenting team member) to view your Nanit Camera:

    *Note the user that first paired your camera is the owner, the owner and the admin are the only members who can add and remove team members.

    1. In the Nanit app, tap the side menu

    2. If you have more than one Nanit camera - Tap the camera you’d like to invite a new team member to

    3. Choose your baby’s settings

    4. Tap ‘Add a team member’

    5. Enter the email address, name, and the baby’s relation to the new member

    6. Choose the account type - Admin (full access) or Viewer (limited access)

    - If you chose ‘Viewer’ you can customize the restrictions by following the ‘restrictions’ button and turning on or off the different settings

    - You can also temporarily disable the viewer’s access to the app by toggling the ‘Enable access’ button off. By doing so, the invited member will not be able to access your camera until you decide to give him or her access

    - To learn more about the different account types and about restrictions click here

    7. Tap ‘Send’

    I've linked here to additional details (how to remove or revoke an invite) if that is helpful for you!

  • That’s doesn’t answer the question she asked…I just bought a second camera and now it won’t let me add more than 2 team members…so just mom & dad. I am very upset since this was not the policy when we bought our first nanit and I would not have purchased another one if this was the case. I will discourage people from buying a Nanit if they can just remove features at will and try to force people to pay for the subscription just to gain access to things that were originally included.

  • MomBaum
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    Totally agree! Bought my second Nanit and it capped the number I could share with. That was one of the major features to buy another one (and given the high cost a big feature). Now they want more $ for what was just a basic feature. I too would discourage others from buying. Look for camera with subscription requirements to use it.

  • Melanie
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    @margolgreen @MomBaum @brooke

    We have three different Insights plans - Nanit Insights, Insights Premium, and Insights Unlimited.  You can see all of the details of each plan here.  Depending on your plan type, you will be able to have a different amount of users access your camera.

    Currently, Nanit Insights allows for up to 2 users, Insights Premium up to 10, and Insights Unlimited allows for up to 50.

    Every Nanit Camera comes with Nanit Insights for free for the first year.

    With the launch of our Nanit Pro camera in February 2021, we did make changes to the user limit for the Basic Nanit Insights plan.

  • Kaarts
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    I had the same realization after investing in the nanit. Huge disappointment in the upcharge for something that should be a very basic fundamental feature in a quality monitor.