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Hello! My daughter is nearing the four month mark and is consistently going to bed around midnight. I have tried beginning the routine a little earlier (10pm) to start, but I just don’t seem to be having any success. She usually sleeps 5-6 hour intervals but there has been times she has slept 9-10 hours when she fell asleep earlier. Ultimately, I’d love for her to be in bed by 8pm! Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)

to add: I don’t necessarily have her on a strict feed/activity/nap schedule.


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    Hey @pbernarducci1,

    Thanks for posting on the community! You could try following this Baby Sleep Schedule Generator that we have available on our website. This schedule helps with her feeding and napping 😊

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    @pbernarducci1 When my baby was around 6 weeks we started implementing a bedtime routine and got her in the crib by 7:30 pm - I know it sounds counterintuitive, but once we started getting her to bed earlier - she started getting longer stretches! I also read that is takes a baby around 2 or 3 days to adjust to a new routine or change, so keep this in mind when making an adjustment. Here's the routine we roughly follow for bedtime.

    6:30 pm bath

    7:00 pm final feed - then we read a book and rock in her room with sound machine on and blinds closed lights off

    7:30ish pm - in bed

    When we first started this, her initial stretch was about 4 hours - then gradually went up to 8 hours and so on. I also found it so helpful for me personally to have that time after 7:30 to get some things done and wind down before my own bedtime. I hope this helps!!