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My husband and I bought the nanit when I was in my first trimester. Now that I’m giving birth in a few weeks, he installed the cameras (2 for twins) on the weekend. I thought there would be a feature where you can view the video history only to learn this morning it’s for premium only. I find this really sad considering we have the nest doorbell and can see video history all the time. Anyone else upset over this? My husband wanted a camera that had very little delays (when I told him we should have just gotten the nest from the beginning) but this is a major flaw in my eyes. We aren’t upgrading to premium that’s for sure.

We also realized there is no split screen feature (Which I read in another thread it’s supposed to come out end of 2022…). That’s another thing that disappointed me. My husband did so much research before buying it but I guess we didn’t look into the right stuff!

i feel ripped off to be honest. Anyone else wanting this feature (video history)? Why only for premium?? It’s such a good feature to have



  • NanitJessica
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    Hi @sab_175,

    Congratulations on your soon-to-come little ones! We appreciate you sharing your feedback about video history being available only to Insights Premium and Ultimate subscribers - I'll be sure to share this with our team.

    While the video history feature you mentioned is part of our Premium subscription option, I wanted to share some similar features available to you with the Insights Basic subscription that you currently have (each Nanit Pro comes with 1 year of Insights Basic for free). Listed below are some of the features available to your Insights Basic subscription and you can also read more about what's included in Insights Basic and the other subscription plans here: Nanit Insights.

    • 2 Days of Video Clips - highlights of sound, motion, and sleep events. You can download these to your device or share them with friends and family!
    • 12 Smart Memories - Auto-save, store, and share your baby's precious memories.

    For the split-screen feature, this has been one of our most requested features and we are excited to be able to share this with the community soon! Keep an eye out on the split screen thread that you mentioned - we will share any big announcements there when we have new information!

    Thank you again for taking the time to share your feedback. If you have any other questions, let us know!

  • I agree, I think it’s really disappointing. It feels like Nanit are just trying to get more money from customers but what they’re forgetting is that word of mouth will be the best tool for selling such a premium camera in the first place, so to charge customers more money on top of what they have already paid is really short sighted, as I personally wouldn’t recommend the camera to anyone now. In fact, I’ve actually told my parent friends not to buy this camera. It’s a real shame when it has so much potential.

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    I completely agree @Darcypedro. I like the security aspect of the camera but at the price it costs (as well as the annual costs), this should be something automatically given. The moments/insights don’t record enough in my opinion and sometimes it’s good to manually check yourself what happened throughout the night! I do it all the time with my nest doorbell camera (and it’s $8-$16 a month depending on the plan…). Nanit emphasizes security - well this is an example of a security feature that should be offered for the basic plan!

    @nanitjessica I think you missed the point of my message. I know all the “features” you are referring to. But that’s not enough in my opinion.

  • @NanitJessica

    While my “not everyone has it” is slightly different…

    i did just make the jump into insights premium… however I’m the only one that can see it on my device. My wife is unable to see the option in “Activity”, even though she is on the account as an “owner”… I’m unable to also make her an admin.

    So instead, she sees what she always saw on the basic plan. Which Doesn’t seem right. Is there a way to fix this so other users on the account can view video history?


    also, it would be nice to be able to zoom in when watching the video history

  • NanitMackenzie
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    Hi @SoSayWeAll - thank you for posting here! That does not sound like expected behavior. I looked into this and it appears that your wife is on an older app version. Could you please have her check the app store for an update to the Nanit app? Once her app is up to date she should be able to access the Insights Premium features.

    Let me know if you try this and are still having trouble - thanks!!

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    I feel ripped off as well. Nanit used to be an amazing company, and now they absolutely refuse to help pull a video of my daughter having a medical event. They've told me that the video history cannot be saved from a certain time to certain time. I will no longer be recommending this camera to anyone else. They've prevented me from saving the video so I can give it to my daughter doctor so they can see what happened. For a company that is setout to help parents they can care less. They only care about the money they recieve for the subscriptions. I've been a premium member for a while and have used the camera for over 3 years. Just discusting how Nanit now treats it's customers.

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    Brand new iPad (two days old) - OS update JUST completed version is iPad OS 15.5 - NANIT App was downloaded from the App Store two days ago so is presumably about as new as one can get - JUST upgraded to Insights Premium . . . . . . Re-booted the iPad and logged back in to the NANIT App - Got the notification about a new activity tab which I was really excited to see . . . and . . . . . . . . . . . . <queue crickets chirping> . . . . .. .NADA. no "new" activity tab. Unable to locate the Video History anywhere.

  • NanitJessica
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    Hi @mbloombe,

    We appreciate you posting on the community. The "Video History" feature is available only on the Nanit app on iPhone. You can read more on what features are available on the iPad app here: Nanit App on iPad.