Does anyone have a SUPER grungy baby when she sleeps at night? Our baby girl is so loud and sounds so uncomfortable at least half of the night. Pediatrician says she should grow out of it but I would love to hear from others with this experience.


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    Our son grunted a ridiculous amount before he was 2 months old. He basically hadn't yet learned how to fart. If we worked his legs a bit by raising his knees to his belly when he was grunting we could usually help get some relief. 🙂 Eventually he figured out how to be a wind instrument on his own and the grunting stopped.

  • All parents with small babies must must get the Frida Wind! I cannot recommend this enough! My newborn was grunting and very fussy just last night and I couldn’t figure out how to help her. I tried belly massages bicycles etc. and she seems to be in a lot of discomfort and then I remembered I had the Frida Wind. Disclaimer: your baby will poop mountain loads after using it! But it 1000% works to help relieve any sort of gas discomfort, constipation and anything of the sort.

    I also must mention that you should not rely on using this every time so your baby poops it’s important that your baby learns how to develop its muscles to poop on their own. However, this is my absolute go to until the baby gets bigger and more consistent with regular poops.

  • Oh my gosh, our baby sounded like a dinosaur for a good 3-4 weeks from probably 4-8 weeks old. I got absolutely no sleep (my husband slept just fine 🙃). It took maybe 4 nights, but my mind eventually learned to associate the noise with "everything is ok". Hang in there! It truly does pass!

  • I am in the same boat. My son just turned a month older this week and he is a massive grunter. We have given him some mommy’s bliss gas relief drops before bed the past two nights and it helps reduce the “fussy ness” but grunts Sri lol remain. Hoping he grows out so I can sleep!

  • Ours grunts all night every night. It's kept me up for awhile now. Thankfully with the nanit camera and app I'm able to sleep in my room now and turn down the volume to where I can only hear if he cries. But yes, ours is a grunt-a-saurus rex 😳