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  • I’ve tried transitioning to one nap three times now! We started at 16 months and now my lo is 18 months. At first, she’d sleep 2.5 hours for her only nap, but then she started waking up at 5:30am again, so we went to two naps for a bit. I thought after a day or two she’d be able to do the one nap schedule again. Well now that’s happened three times. And when we tried the one nap again, she’d only sleep 1.5 hours and wait me out (up to 45 minutes) until i got her out of the crib. The past two days she has refused to take her afternoon nap altogether and has been up for seven hours for the latter part of the day. We tried to put her to sleep at 6:30 and she was still up at 5:30 today. It seems it’s just impossible to get her to sleep enough to get her to one nap and now two naps aren’t working at all either! I’m getting so frustrated and wish I knew what I’m supposed to do.

  • LindsayH
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    Wondering how this shook out for you. My son is 14.5 months. I think right after a year he needed to transition to 1 nap, but it was a fake out. I've been rolling with 2, but he goes to bed around 8/8:30. When he takes his late morning nap he only sleeps for about 1.5 hours... I feel like that's not enough for the day, but now the 2nd nap he's been sleeping 1.5-2 hours and then waking up around 6:15 instead of 7:15/7:30 like he was. Now daylight savings is coming 🤪

    If he just started boycotting his 2nd nap it would be obvious to me. When he wakes up at like 6:30 I can't keep him up past 10am and then he's tired in the afternoon again... I guess this means he's not ready to drop the nap yet?