Sleep Sack vs Swaddle

Hi fellow Naniters! (is that a thing?)

My 4.5 month old little boy started sleeping in his crib recently. My Nanit Pro is working wonderfully but I am noticing that my son, who is still is a swaddle, flips himself over and ends up sleeping on his stomach part way through the night. In the morning I find him swaddled on his stomach with face to mattress and I worry this may not be the safest way to sleep.

My question for you experts are:

- When is a good time for swaddle to sleep sack transition?

- Secondly, my son has a hard time falling asleep with his arms unswaddled. Is it safe to keep swaddling with a Nanit Swaddle so I can see his breathing or is a sleep sack the way to go?

Also just wanted to say that the Nanit Insight Premium plan is worth every penny!


  • Hello!

    Once your baby is rolling over on their own they can no longer be swaddled. You need to switch to a sleep sack. You can use the Nanit breathing band over pjs then a sleep sack but no more swaddle!

  • MayaW
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    Thank you very kindly for the info! It was just as I thought.

  • NanitMelanie
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    @MayaW Hi Maya!! We just went through this transition from swaddle to sleep sack and it took my baby about 3 nights to get used to have her arms free. It was very cute to watch her on the monitor at first moving her arms around, but after the 2nd night in her sleep sack she actually got longer stretches!! Hope the transition is going well for you.

  • I know many will probably judge me for this BUT My son sleeping on his stomach has been heaven sent as he has acid reflux so when I would do what the Pediatrician’s would suggest I caught him choking twice in his sleep and I said never again.

    I ended up putting him down to sleep on his stomach at about a month old and he has slept so good in his crib through the night every night.

    I did what was best for my nerves and my child. Putting him on his back when he was sleeping was dangerous to him and twice he chocked and threw up milk and I so happened to be checking in on him and had to rush and do the necessary measures to get him to stop choking. It was the scariest times of him being here and he is now Four months and sleeps on his stomach every night and has never had an issue ever since. His reflux is so much better when he is on his stomach. Just my two cents.

    please don’t judge my comment as I’m just giving what worked for me. Please do what’s best for you and your child and I pray all is well with her now.

  • MayaW
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    @Jearlds_Wife Thank you so much for your honest and sincere reply. I completely understand where you are coming from and hope your little one's acid reflux continues to improve. Again, kuddos for your sincere and honest reply.

  • Krryan_88
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    i have been using the Merlin magic sleep suit since my son turned 3 months and he sleeps through the night with no issues, but he also wasn’t swaddle very long bc he always busted out of it. Once he’s too big for the suit I’m going to try to transition him to the sleep sack. The sleep Suit has worked best for him, but every baby is different. I hope you can find the best thing for your baby as sleep is very important to us parents as well 🤪

  • MayaW
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    Hi @Krryan_88

    Thanks so much for the handy advice. I'm going to look into the Merlin Magic suit as well as the Nanit Sleep Sack.

    I miss sleeping so much.

    Thanks again,


  • Did the breathing band work with the Magic Merlin? I ended up returning it (never tried it) because Nanit said it won’t work well with it. Now I’m curious :-)