7 month old (next week) gassy at same time every night

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Okkkk HELP. My son seems to be gassy at the same freaking time the last few nights (between 10-11). Nothing calms him down except for my boob (ebf), I don’t want to form bad habits as we just got out of this a few weeks ago. His cry goes from 0-100 real quick and he sounds so distressed so I feel like letting him cry it out will just make it worse. We slept trained to get him to put himself to sleep so I don’t get why he can’t do it throughout the night. He also wakes up between 3-5 to eat and sleeps till 7. All advice welcomed!! Thanks


  • I have same issue. For me i was feeding him heavy foods at night like pure potatoes and chicksn so i switched to just veggies snd milk.. works for a few nights & now he's back at it. I gave him teething gel l, it helped 2 nights then back ar it. I don't know. I read is the sleep regression of 8-9 months

  • If you would like, can try gripe water or gas drops before bed.