Putting down awake/ sleep routine

We have a sleep routine but it ends up that I put my daughter asleep in the crib rather than awake. She tends to wake up several times at night. I have to replace the paci at least twice. Our routine is: diaper change, lotions, onesie, sleep sack, bottle then rock for ten mins (she spits up and had choking issues so we keep her upright for ten minutes out of caution). Should I feed her first then do the routine and maybe a short book? Would that help? I still want to incorporate keeps her upright if I can. Can I see others routines? She isn’t a bath every night kind of girl unfortunately


  • Hi!

    How old is your daughter, and what time is her bedtime?

  • Trishj3
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    Have you had you baby checked to see if she has reflux? My baby would cry and spit up and she had reflux so we were prescribed Pepcid/Zantac that we give her in the evening and it has stopped the burning pain. The spit up was because we were feeding her too much. I do still rock her for 20 min after a feed for the same reason though.

    My bedtime routine does include a bath because she loves to play in the water and it kills time. I give her a bottle and she passes out where I rock her then put her to bed. For me, I guess I could start giving her a bottle before her bath, then do everything else. A book would be a great idea to incorporate. Then lights out, maybe 10min of snuggles, then putting her down.

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    Hey, What do we do if they cry when you put them in the cot