Hard time with evening naps

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My 11week old won't sleep suddenly in the crib after being soothed for his last nap. The sleep environment is the same and he gets soothed the same way for every sleep. He usually takes 4 naps in the day and they progressively get harder to put him to sleep. The fourth naps he often is skipping now because he is completely alert within 10min of us laying him down. We try to put him down over and over again for that nap and he just wont sleep. Our bedtime is 730pm for him because his naps are generally 1hr or 30min and hes screaming his head off starting 430pm. We wouldnt want to put him for a nap at 430 but he is very upset starting this time. Ideally we want him asleep 430-530 and then up until 730. Before 8weeks he used to just go to sleep real easily and now we are always shushing and bouncing him to get him to close his eyes. He also wont sleep without the swaddle, we have tried really hard. The only success we have had with his fourth nap is to let him sleep on us... something we did ONCE AND DONT WANT TO DO MOVING FORWARD. Please help!


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    @Mariya I know this is stressful! You are doing an awesome job! Lots of babies are fussy at this time of the day and this 4th nap is really a cat nap to get them through to bedtime. I always recommend that this last catnap is in the stroller or carrier, or in your arms, it doesnt need to be in the crib. It can be really hard to get them to sleep at this time so just do what you need to do to keep them happy. I dont want it to be stressful for you and it needn't be. Its totally fine for the baby to nap in your arms (when you are awake)! Or pop the baby in the carrier and go out for a walk and get some fresh air!