Difficulty sleeping during pregnancy

NanitMelanie Nanit Team
edited April 12 in Me Time

As much as we’d all like to sleep a lot during sleep month (and every month, who am I kidding!)... I know how difficult sleep can be both during pregnancy and then of course after your little one arrives.

I struggled with sleep during my second and third trimester, although this can be different for everyone.  Babylist recently shared what to expect and tips for sleeping better when pregnant.

I know the biggest thing that helped me was limiting the amount of water I had before bed and trying to limit screen time.  One thing I didn’t try is a pregnancy pillow, but I’ve heard very good things about them! 

Most of the time, the best sleep I had while pregnant would be cat naps!  Would love to hear from our expecting and current parents - what helped you sleep better during your pregnancy? Any tips?