Transition 2:1 nap

We started the transition From 2 to 1 naps about a week ago. My son is 13.5 months old and wake up is 6 am. Originally his first nap was at nine or 9:30 AM. We pushed it back a little by little and now today he went to sleep at 11:15 and slept til 1:15. Our goal is 12-2/3 pm.

tonight he went to bed at 6/610. What is the proper wake periods for 1 nap. If he ultimately sleeps 12-2 or 3. Should bed be 730? Am i doijg this whole transition thing right???



  • I started transitioning my now 13 month old to one nap about 3 weeks ago. Her wake windows are anywhere between 3.5-4.5 hours. Her first nap kept getting pushed back to around 10:30-11 pushing second nap into bedtime. If her nap isn’t as long as normal and she wakes up earlier I will put her down as early as 6. It’s okay while you are transitioning if they go to bed earlier. As long as his night time sleep is good I wouldn’t worry about an early bedtime!

  • Thanks! So whats yiur schedule now? He slept til 6-6 yesterday. But now he is up at 5:15 which wont work with pushing a nap later today :/ i dont know. Do you ever give a second cat nap?

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    The 2-1 nap transition was HARD for us, and I had no choice as she started point blank refusing the second nap which meant too long of a gap from her morning nap til bedtime. My advice would be ride it out however you can! Sometimes a 5-10 minute catnap in the car in the mornings when out and about bridged that gap and didn’t affect her main nap too much. I also remember lots of early bedtimes and we even got a few late mornings until 7:30/8am (unfortunately they were short lived 🤣). We just let her sleep as much as she needed to catch up

    Even now at 19 months if we’ve had a busy morning she will occasionally fall asleep in the car for 5-10 mins then still have a good 1.5/2hrs in her crib after lunch. But 80% of days are just one nap.

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    @Ashleyluca this is a great question! We are actually hosting an AMA on Sleep Schedules today with Dr. Natalie Barnett - feel free to post on the thread linked here and she will give you some additional insight and guidance! Looks like you've already gotten some awesome feedback here, too!

  • I started the transition for my 13 month old as well. He started to take longer to get down for both naps or he would just fight the second nap all together. I don’t know if I transitioned him to fast cause sometimes he will do little 20-30 min naps in the morning before his actual nap at 12-1230. I put him to bed at 7 and began to wake up at 6-630 but now he’s waking up between 5-530 again. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for bringing this topic up

  • i see other babies are down to 1 nap but my baby is stilllllll taking 3 naps! We were at 2 for a while but she’s been back at 3 for 2 weeks now. Naps 30 min- 1.5 hours most of the time. Should I be concerned?

  • My boy decided when he was 10 months that he will only sleep from 12.00 to 14.00. (we were trying to put him for a nap around 10.00 but he would just play until we decided to take him out of the bed :)) )

    After a few days I just stopped putting him in the bed and waited for him to become tired and “ask” for his nap. (The night sleep is from 18.30 until 07.00 - he is not waking up for water/milk)

  • I wouldn’t worry… let the baby decide when it’s time for a nap (as in look for the signs) and everything will be fine :)

  • My daughter is going through this right now… is he now on one nap ? And was it hard getting him to stay awake in the morning for longer ? Any tips ? My girl is waking up 6-6:30 am so just hard getting her to that later nap !!


  • We’re going through this now with our 13.5 month old. He was refusing his second nap like many others said. When I tried to push him later to do one nap he would only sleep a little over an hour and then refuse his second nap, sometimes he’d do a catnap but it would be a whole ordeal to get him to. I’ve started cutting his morning nap short to let him sleep no later than 11:30, and have kept it to about an hour, and then he will take his second nap and it ends up being on the longer side. This is working well for us now, I think he needs a little more time to get to the 1.