🎥 ICYMI: Nanit Webinar about Baby Sleep

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We teamed up with Coterie and Newton to host a Baby Sleep Webinar - an expert-led discussion on your most asked baby sleep questions – from schedules, feedings, regressions, and everything in between. The webinar featured our very own @Natalie_Barnett_PhD, Director of Clinical Research & Pediatric Sleep Expert, as well as Pediatrician @KrupaPlayforthMD of The Pediatrician Mom and @DrMonicaOrdway from the Yale School of Nursing. 

Here are a few top questions & answers from the webinar:

Q: How can I help my child if they are fighting sleep?

  • A: Pay attention to sleep cues! When they seem really tired, it's often too late. The typical progression is an active period, followed by a brief quiet/clumsy/sensitive phase (ex. they shove food off table), followed by crying. By the crying phase, they are usually past the tipping point, and it becomes more difficult for them to fall asleep. Try to pick up the earlier cues and use that as an indicator that it's time to put baby down to sleep.

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