Staying asleep once down

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We are having trouble getting our 7 month old to stay asleep. She'll sleep for a few hours then wake up, you hold her and she'll go back to sleep but once you go to put her back in the crib fuhgetaboutit! Wakes up every time! Any tips or tricks to get her down without waking up? TIA.


  • Have you tried any Cry It Out methods? Is this new or have they always had trouble falling back asleep?

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    We Had the same issue with my 7 month old. We decided to start Batelle program, so far is working, we are almost finishing it.

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    We had the same exact problem around the 7-8month. We thought it was sleep regression because she hadn't gone through that. Nope. Our pediatrician told is she was manipulating us and that we need to do the cry it out method and she was allowed to cry for 90 minutes. First night it took 45 minutes. Second night 15 minutes. It's been a month and half now and she sleeps through the night again every single night and only takes 5-10 minutes to fall asleep.

  • what’s your bedtime routine?

    We do a bath every night (soap every other night), followed by a book, boobie & then bed.

    * also ensure they are eating plenty of calories during the day to help them sleep longer and better at night

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    Same here, my 8 month old did the same thing. She started waking up 2-3 times which slowly progressed to more. Pretty soon she was waking up every 2 hours again. I then went back to sleep training and let her cry it out. So far it’s been helping and she sleep more steadily. I read to avoid picking them up otherwise you’re encouraging them and they’re not learning to soothe themselves to sleep. I hope that helps!