Share your napper for National Napping Day!

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It’s National Napping Day: Share the cutest pictures of your baby napping - bonus points if it’s caught on Nanit! 

(PS - check out our expert blog on Tips for Happy and Long Naps for Newborns to Toddlers to get your little one sleeping longer!)

I don’t have a human baby - but here’s my sweet fur baby!



  • kdez
    kdez Member

    He’s taking National Napping Day to a whole other level - sleepy boy

  • Always sleeps in the weirdest ways! So cute though:)

  • My Precious Angel!!❤️

  • Still adjusting to daylight savings time😄. He didn’t actually just wake up here- in fact, I put him down 37 minutes ago and he’s been doing flips😬. Hoping he’ll nap soon, as this is his usual nap time.

  • oonyeador
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    The cutest little sleeper. I love my baby Izaiah so much! Follow his cuteness on Instagram @babyakachi and mama @livfornow

  • Baby Izaiah taking a little tiger snooze! He’s been sleeping for about 35 minutes! Follow all his cuteness on Instagram @babyakachi and mama @livfornow

  • My precious baby!!!

  • Pamy0901
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    My 22 month old is usually a great sleeper 12 hrs all night long 95 % of the time,but yesterday she got a rough night and last year she had troubles the 1st day of the daylight savings. 😪😪😪😪 Now she is taking a nice 2 hr nap and still counting! 😴 #HappyNationalNappingDay

  • Photo from now!

    My little monkey! Love you baby girl🙋🏾‍♀️

  • Arms up gnome baby lol