Teething and sleep- help!

Our almost 6 month old is almost definitely teething. He is generally ok during the day and all about Sophie (I get it now!), but he's really struggling to fall and stay asleep. I'm just starting to feel a tooth breaking through. We're using Tylenol sparingly, but I don't want to overdo it. Has anyone cracked the code on easing pain long enough to help him sleep?


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    With ours, unfortunately, there was no magical cure but using Tylenol, as pediatrician/doctor recommended if course, seemed to help the most. We also bought him toys that we could put in the fridge so they would get cold and he could naw on them to help num some of the pain. In reality though nothing but time helps. I know how hard it is to feel completely helpless and you would do anything to take away their pain so you're not alone there! This does NOT and I repeat does NOT make you a bad parent! Teething is all part of the babies growing process and all babies go through this some better than others but it's just part of their process in growing😊. This stage is rough I know but if you start to feel like something is not right like a high fever from the screaming you should definitely call the doctor and get professional advice. My advice is only based on personal experience as a parent. I will say having the Nanit did help me piece on mind on these growing stages and no they did not pay me to say this and I do not work for them. Hang in there though it will be rough for a few nights and then things will return to normal... well for a little bit a least but just remember your little one is growing and it's a beautiful thing! Hang in there we're all rooting for you! 🙏

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    our Daughter has two choppers & seems to be actively teething. my wife, based on her reading, has made available a lot of little kitchen items like spoons, little whisk, measuring cups & even a large colander that are all METAL. Our daughter teethe’s on these items every day & I think it really helps the process. You have to watch & supervise very closely at the beginning & probably see your child push a spoon for example too far down her throat before she learns not to do that. Our daughter definitely did put a spoon and measuring cup handle too far down her throat but after making that mistake a couple of times she has learned not to do it anymore. All that said, I do think that teething on these METAL (but NOT SHARP) items really helps a lot.

  • My LO is almost 7 months - I’ve noticed she likes some cold metal things as well! Something else she’s liked is a slightly damp cheesecloth or muslin burp rag that I put in the fridge for a bit. I would wrap my finger in it for her to bite down on, and later she learned to chew or **** on muslin burp rags on her own. She did this a lot right before her 2 bottom teeth were pushing through. She seemed to get fussier after they came through, it’s no fun. All part of growing pains!