Going on 11 months he’s never slept much

I’m at my wits end. My son is going on 11 months he refuses to be rocked but he also don’t self sooth it’s a crying nightmare for hours both him and me. He don’t sleep the night nor wants to take proper naps the routine has not changed I don’t have a support system and I have other kids and responsibilities besides him. I’m mentally broken. How long is too much time crying before you try to sooth this goes on for hours on end and then if he does fall asleep his up 30 min later


  • I’m really sorry to hear that. Admittedly I don’t have that situation so I’m not sure what I can offer that way but just letting you know that we know it’s not easy and I’m sure you’re doing your best. I’m not sure if another program helps but I have several friends who swear by this: