Toddler Bed Transition success w Nanit


we have transitioned our 2 year old to a “toddler bed” (ikea transition bed). We have used the Nanit on the wall mount but are trying to consider using the travel stand to show a larger area. She’s notorious for getting out of bed to get a book, doll, etc.

How have others continued using their camera as their baby transitions? We struggle w her getting out of bed but still wanting to check that she is safe in her room without going in each time.

we have also considered ordering insights but not sure how well it will work with a 2-3 year old vs. baby in crib. Would love to hear how others have handled this too!




  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
    Natalie_Barnett_PhD Member, Nanit Team, Expert

    @Momma_Ash The great thing about using the travel mount is that is has more of a fisheye view meaning that you can see more of the room, which is perfect for surveying the whole room. However, you wont get sleep analytics on the travel mount/multi stand, so keep that in mind. We see the sleep analytics are very helpful for families with toddlers as they sometimes start to take longer to fall asleep at night depending on nap timing or are awake for long stretches during the night. Knowing this information can be super helpful when deciding when and how long your toddler should nap the following day.

    The other great thing about the camera for toddlers is the ability to talk to them through the camera without having to go in and intervene if they are doing something you dont want them to do! Or on the flip side, being able to praise them for their efforts without having to go in and disrupt them can also be great ('Daddy is so proud of you for staying in bed like a big kid').