2 year sleep regression

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My Lo turns 2 next month. In thr last two weeks she has suddenly stopped being able to go to bed at night on her own. She now needs to be rocked until totally asleep and will wake up as soon as I attempt to put her down. This goes on for over an hour every night and ends with her in our bed. She never did any of this until 2 weeks ago. If I leave her in her crib to cry, she will wail and attempt to throw herself out of the crib.

Will this pass? Are we creating bad habits by having her in bed with us? I try to put her back in bed after she’s out cold in ours, which works for a few hours and then she’s back up and in our bed.

Im also wear I am 15w pregnant and we all just got over Covid. Her sleep went sideways when we all got sick.

Any advice for riding this wave?


  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    @MamaSoter Consistency is key! Getting sick can throw everything off! Go back to your regular bedtime routine as best you can. Also, watch the timing of her nap. She might be napping too long or too late. Maybe try cutting back the nap or even putter her down a little later to bed to ensure she is tired going into the crib.

    Shes a toddler - she's pushing limits and testing boundaries and this all sounds really normal! Its your job to set those limits and boundaries and she should be able to get back on track soon!