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Hi! How strict should our schedule be? I get anxiety about leaving or doing anything in fear that she won’t get her proper naps in or won’t eat as much so it prevents me from doing much. Thoughts?!


  • I’m on the same boat! I’ll stay home most of the time bc I’m nervous she won’t sleep or eat properly 😭

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    @Baileymitchell @Diana202 Please dont be afraid of a schedule! If anything, it can give you more predictability and flexibility into your day! You can be the family who says 'Sure, we will meet you for brunch at 10.30am on Saturday' because you know your baby will be well rested and fed and happy! You won't be the family that cancels last minute because the baby 'just fell asleep'.

    In terms of napping outside and feeding outside, I say go for it! Just experiment! For the most part, my preference is that the first two naps are at home and the third nap is out and about. But that said, play around with it! If your baby has a nap out and about every now and then it should be totally fine!

    Basically, I want you to give your baby the chance to nap at the time they are due to nap and feed them when they are hungry and due to be fed - I care less about where that happens!

    That said, I do want most of their naps at home because I know those crib naps will usually be better quality naps than out and about, but dont fret too much! Go out and grab a coffee with friends and have the baby sleep in the stroller or carrier - it will be great for everyone! 😍