East coast to west coast vacation

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What are your thoughts on taking 6 month old from east coast to west coast for 6 days? What do you recommend for sleep schedule (adjust to west coast or keep schedule on EST)?


  • Hi ! So we just traveled from indiana to Nevada and honestly I just followed her sleepy cues . She still slept at night with one night going to bed at like midnight because of change . We were gone 5 days and only one of those nights is where she struggled the most , the rest was fine . She usually naps 3 times here but there she napped 4 times with two of the naps being 30 mins .

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    Hi @MSL87 - in case it's helpful, I wanted to also share this post on the Nanit Nightlight blog - Tips for Traveling With Baby - written by one of our experts, Bailey Gaddis. She included a number of tips for traveling, including a few related to sleep. Hope this is helpful in addition to advice from other parents in the community!

  • Thank you!