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My 3.5 month old can still only sleep with my nipple in his mouth and refuses a pacifier. Will this go away as he gets older?? I don’t want to let him cry but also want to help him self soothe to set him up for success later


  • Did it seriously censor the word n i p p l e lol now my question looks weird

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    Hi @Mama531 - good catch!! Our platform automatically censors a number of words and we keep finding ones that are useful to discuss in the community but are blocked. I just removed nipple from the list of censored words so it shows up in your post now :) Thanks for calling that out!

  • I'm following this amazing sleep coach person who confirms how normal this is for our babies.

    My son never took to breastfeeding but my daughter did. She is now 8 months and still mostly feeds to sleep. I have tried sleep training but now I just accept its how she has comfort and she has started only waking a couple of times and slept through last night. (I broke all the rules and rocked her last night as teeth are making her sad 😔)