Our daughter requires being nursed to fall asleep.

She is almost 6 months old and wakes multiple times per night. How do I get her to fall asleep in her crib on her own without all the tears?


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    Hi @BrookeK our community members were talking about this very same topic on this thread here.

    A few tips some of our parents shared:

    Putting baby down drowsy but not fully asleep so that way when they wake up in the middle of the night they remember where they are

    Putting a few extra pacifiers in the crib(if your baby uses them) so they are able to find them and self sooth

    Creating a bedtime routine

  • im also struggling to get my 6 month to sleep through the night. If I try to put her to sleep, she needs to be sleeping. If she is semi awake, she will wake up 100% as if we didnt just do a routine. Any tips?

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    Hi @Ellesmom - one of our experts, Dr. Monica Ordway, recently hosted an Ask Me Anything event about feeding and sleep with a number of suggestions that may be helpful to you, including some ideas about activities to include in a bedtime routine to help baby wind down.

    She also recommended trying gradual extinction to another parent who is struggling with getting their 6 month old child to sleep when drowsy but awake - https://community.nanit.com/discussion/comment/2232#Comment_2232.

    I hope these tips help - let us know how it goes or if there's anything else you've tried!

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    @Ellesmom - also wanted to point you towards some tips that Dr. Krupa Playforth is trying with her own 5 month old to help baby fall back asleep when he wakes up:

    "Our 5 month old is doing the same thing, and what we're doing right now is just letting him try to work it out for about 5-7mins. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I go in and place a hand on his chest, or shush him (without picking him up), or just sit in the room with him, and that can be the trick to getting him to go back to sleep. A few other tips: make sure your sleep environment is ideal (dark, cool, white noise), and try to make sure your responses are as consistent as possible. There are several other tips but start here and see how it goes!"