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When did your baby start to sleep on its stomach? We’re transitioning to a sleep sack and he’s rolled over a few times, but we’re too paranoid to let him stay that way overnight even with the breathing wear on. My son hasn’t really rolled from his stomach to back yet, but is strong enough to lift his head and crawl. Did you use a backup camera to be able to see baby’s face?


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    My son is 7 months. He’s been rolling to his stomach for about a month and a half. If they roll on their own, it’s fine to leave them. Just don’t put them down belly first into the crib. That’s from a lot of SIDS research.

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    Don't worry, I felt the same way. When we transitioned my son to a sleep sack he was around 4 or 5 months. He could only roll onto his tummy and not on his back again. I asked our Pediatrician and they say it's completely fine if they can roll themselves over and lift their heads during tummy time. Sometimes my son's head would be face down for hours and I would go turn his head to the side. If they roll on their tummy they need to be in a sleep sack.

    The nanit really does give you a peace of mind though.

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    Baby is about to be 6 months and she just started to roll from back to stomach but not stomach to back. She sleeps in footed sleeper and maneuvers around in the crib lol. Last couple of nights she has rolled to stomach and fell asleep that way and she has been fine. Trust that they will figure it out. We also practice rolling from back to stomach and vice versa with her during the day. I know it can be nerve-wracking but as long as you put him to sleep initially on his back you are fine.

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    We got the Sense-U diaper sensor that tell us when he’s on his stomach. That helped with some stress.

    I wrote in another post of recommendations that Nanit should put a different pattern on the back that can give you the option to alert you if the baby rolls over onto his stomach.

  • My son is about 3.5 months and rolls onto his tummy a lot now. But he can’t roll back onto his back yet. I get so worried when he rolls onto his tummy at night in the crib and he’s face down that I go in to move his head but he then wakes up and I have to rock him back to sleep. Is it ok to leave him on his tummy with his face down in the mattress? Any advice would be amazing!

  • @Jessbrooke My son still doesn’t roll from his stomach to back at 9 months. At first, he would occasionally have his face straight down and I would do the same as you and turn his head. We started out letting him stay on his stomach during naps so we could monitor closely. He stopped putting his face straight down pretty quickly and the breathing wear was reassuring.

  • My son started sleeping on his tummy and side overnight at 6months. The first week it freaked me out and I would run over and flip him over but once I asked my pediatrician if it's ok and she assured me it is normal I just appreciated how cute it was. Haha

  • M’y 6mo is continuously rolling onto face while trying to fall asleep and screams until we help him to his side or back. And then does it again. He rarely turns his head so that he can relax on tummy and breathe. Any tips appreciated!

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    Hi everyone,

    My 5 month old is doing the same. But I am just curious, why are the chances of SIDS increased if they are placed on their stomachs?