My daughter is 14 weeks old, we safely co-sleep on the weekends because I really miss my cuddles. She has been sleeping off and on in her bassinet for the last 14 weeks and 3 days ago she wouldn’t stop crying for anything I did, changed her feed her burped her washed her down took her outside all the works and I finally told myself im going to have to set her down in her crib in a safe place and let her cry it out. I gave her a binky laid her on her tummy so she could wiggle it out and patted her bum for about 5 min or so and walked away and she fell asleep for a good 4 hour nap after I left her alone. I have been giving her a bath every night at 6:00 i breastfeed her/ give her bottle read her a book burp her and lay her down while she is still awake I do the same process I did earlier in the day and it worked like a charm. She slept from 7:30 p.m-5:30 a.m with the exceptions of a couple binky runs which is amazing! The weekend is coming up and I want to co-sleep with her will this effect her sleep cycle that we have going ? Please help!


  • Natalie_Barnett_PhD
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    @_hotmom_99 Its so great that your little one is starting to fall asleep in the crib by themselves! This is the first step in getting them to sleep through the night consistently. It would be GREAT if you can continue this consistency through the weekends too. The AAP strongly discourages co-sleeping and I see you cite cuddles as the reason to co-sleep. My suggestion would be to cuddle with your partner in your bed instead of the baby!! And then cuddle with the baby during the day, just not when you are trying to sleep as well!