Baby moving sideways in crib?

Hi! I have been finding my 3 month old sideways in her crib when I pich her up for a night feeding.

i put her to bed with her head to the top and feet to the bottom of the crib. And I find her with her head to one side and feet to the other side.

we recently upgraded her from a bassinet to a crib. The mattress is firm, only with a fitted sheet, no bumpers or anything else in the crib. She does not sleep swaddled and wears a sleeping sack. She has not learned how to roll yet.

is this concerning? Any other parent with a wiggling baby?


  • Brian
    Brian Member

    Our baby seemed to love exploring his crib space once he was moved into it from his bassinet. Some of the overnight movement maps from Nanit were hysterical at how much he managed to wiggle around in his sleep sack. We never knew what position we'd find him in for a feeding. My wife and I both (he's our 1st) did feel some anxiety once he started rolling over as we were afraid of him smooshing his nose against the mattress, but eventually we learned it's all part of their natural progression and become more at ease with it.