Can I give probiotics to a breastfed baby?

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Hello! I have a 3 months old baby and he struggles so much to defecate, he starts crying and moving a lot, desperate because he can't defecate sometimes. He normally does it every day but I think when he has his belly full he always wants to defecate after that and if it doesn't come out as fast as he wants he gets cranky. A friend of mine started giving probiotics to her baby and she told me that he improved a lot because they had the same problem. I was reading that breastfed babies don't need to take probiotics, my friend's baby uses formula, but she said even when she was breastfeeding her doctor told her to give them to the baby.

What would you recommend me to improve this? Should I give him the probiotics?

Also, is it normal that when he is sleeping he rubs his face so aggressively sometimes and starts grabbing his nose as if something bothers him, I'm worried he has something on his nose because he mainly rubs his nose. And sometimes when I'm holding him he moves his head side to side against my chest aggressively too, like if he's scratching his nose. He does that when he wants to sleep.

Thank you in advance!!!