Early Morning Wake Ups

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Any advice for getting my 13 month old to sleep past 5:30 am? He is down to 1 nap (2 and a half hours), so we pushed his bedtime up to 7:00 am. He falls asleep independently and sleeps through the night. He's always been an early riser, but we would take 6:00 over 5:30 any day!


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    What time is that nap? Make sure is not so close to bed time. They recommended it not to be 4 hrs or less.

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    So hard! We are in the same boat some mornings. That time of morning they can be cold, so ensure you are dressing warm enough when going to bed for lowest temp drop. Also do you have white noise to block out external sounds? Agree with PP about late naps. If going to bed by 7pm, should ideally be awake by 3ish to build enough sleep drive for night and not to be under tired. Ive read it can take weeks to “fix” early rising. Try being consistent with all those other things and fingers crossed one day it changes!

  • I am in the same exact boat!

    My little guy will be 1 next week. I am currently trying some advice from takingcarababies: I’m pushing his first nap 3 hours after his ideal wake up time (6:00-6:30 would be ideal enough at this point haha).

    It’s definitely been a struggled since he always wants to nap so early in the morning, but I’m only on day 3 of it. So far, no change in wake up time but it could take a week or so.

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    We ran into this and realized we didn't really have a morning routine that was consistent. So we starting playing the same music just before the boys woke up (early at first). And then we'd wait a few minutes before going in to start changing them etc.

    After the routine was established we pushed the music later and later in the morning. Sometimes the boys wake up before the music and we just start playing it then - and they'll wait patiently (9 times out of 10) for us to come get them - because they know that's what happens next after the music.

    Believe it or not that process slowly got us from a 5am or earlier wake up to a 7am or later wake up.

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    @AllyG This can really tough! And even more common at this time of year with the sun being up so early. It sounds like you are doing an amazing job and hes on a great schedule! One thing you might want to try is to put black garbage bags on the windows to really make that room as dark as possible. Its really normal for babies to wake in the early hours of the morning but harder for them to get themselves back to sleep if the room has some light coming in. You might be able to buy yourself some extra time by getting that room really dark!

    Some babies though are just early birds and it can be really hard to change that wake up time. If that wake up time is hard to change, another suggestion would be to get him to bed earlier if you are really wanting to try to lengthen the nighttime sleep. It can be far easier to get the extra zz's at that end of the day.