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    Hi @Yusra Short napping is very common, are you on 1 nap per day? Babies drop from 2 to 1 nap between 14-19 months old. The one nap should start around 12:30/1pm and bedtime at this age with short naps should be no later than 6:30pm. We apply the 90 minute rule to the 1 nap a day! Choose a sleep method to apply to the short naps or night waking. You're doing a great job, this toddler game is no joke!

  • Hey! I have a 2.5 year old, and she has always been a really great sleeper. Baby #2 is coming in the next couple of weeks and I feel like I don't remember anything from those early days. Any tips to get my brain back into newborn sleep mode? Thanks!

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    @JuneK Big hugs, what you're experiencing is very normal and happens to almost all of us including me! It's best to approach sleep as a 24 hour sleep cycle and do nights and naps at the same time because one impacts the other. If you prefer start with just nights because night sleep consolidates first. The success of sleep trianing lies with YOU choosing a method you're comfortable with. I'd suggest Pick Up Put Down or Chair method so you're in the room with baby and don't need to worry about baby feeling stressed. Timing is good with 2 naps. I want you to first start with my free 3 part video training, it's the step before sleep training and will teach you how to start practicing the purposeful pause and achieve the almight drowsy but awake! You can do this but you must be consistent!

  • I have a 15 month old on 2 naps but has been waking very early in the morning…. He is fussy during the days he wakes early. Any schedule advice for this age?

  • Hello!!! My 5 month old sleeps very well at night, from 8pm to 6:30 am. First nap 9 am- 10:30 am, second nap 1- 2:30 pm and third nap from 5- 5:40 pm. Sometimes she wakes up earlier from the 2nd nap (lasting only 45 min) should I wake her up at that time or leave her for 25 min until she falls back to sleep again?

  • Good afternoon!

    Our six month old, doesn’t really fall asleep on her own. We’ve been trying to work on different techniques to get her trained to settle herself but sometimes she is inconsolable! It’s been a bit of a bad week this week (only Tuesday!)

    Unfortunately she doesn’t take well to a bottle so I can’t really help in the evening, this adds to the stress when I really can’t help my wife when she’s (baby) being a bit fussy.

    Any tips for changing a babies routine for a baby that is fed to sleep? When she is fed to sleep she really eats quite a bit. This goes against a lot of the advise we’ve read about feeding first. Additionally if she is crying inconsolably, do we leave her or comfort her?

    Shes going through some kind of leap/change where she is going through crying, clinginess, crankiness. Which is making this week super tough!

    Wife is close to a breakdown and I am keen to try and change for the future but at the same time it is very tough seeing baby cry. We both know deep down we have to try and make changes, but other than this week, she’s been doing okay.

    Do babies ever grow out of being fed to sleep? We want her to be independent! Sorry for the long post.

    thanks :)

  • We currently do bath, massage, feed, bed, but baby always falls asleep during final breastfeed. How do I put my baby to bed, awake, after feeding? Or where/how should we change the night time routine?

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  • Hello, my baby is 10 months and sleeps through the night finally most nights maybe wakes for one feed around 4am, she naps great 1.5-2hour twice a day. Almost a perfect sleeper however she screams the place down as soon as we walk into her bedroom to start her nap time routine which consists of nappy change , feed, story book, “night night Thea bear love you” exit the room, she protests and cries every night for 10-20 mins before falling asleep with her comforter and dummy. How can we make it less stressful for her? Why does she protest sleep so much? I thought it was her room but she also cries when she clocks on we’re putting for down for a nap in the travel cot.

    It’s also impossible for her to ‘nap on the go’

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    @Leslie This is very common. The good news is you have a great sleeper, it's in there. How you respond to baby when she wakes is key. If she's been tummy sleeping for a while it's not being on her tummy that's the problem. A developmental leap like rolling, crawling, walking, talking often disrupt sleep for a week or so. The crib is their safe place and they practice new skills in the crib. To help baby during this time decide on exactly how you'll respond. Quick checks is great at this age to give baby loving direction, stay in the room 1-3 minutes, don't pick baby up, pat shushs, use a positive sleep mantra and leave! Offer bedtime earlier with the new found night waking, around 6:30pm to help catch up on some lost sleep and prevent an over tired state. You should be on 2 naps at this age at 9am and 1pm to allow for enought sleep pressure headed into bedtime. You're doing great!

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