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Ask Carolynne Anything about Baby Sleep! Post your questions below today, June 29th, between 9 am and 6 pm ET.

Newborn, Baby & Toddler sleep expert, Founder of Dream Baby Sleep, Author of Dream Baby Nights, and creator of the Sleep Lab & Newborn Sleep Class. Carolynne Harvey has spent 8 years perfecting 4 gentle sleep training methods to give parents choices they are comfortable with to start sleeping better tonight. 

Today, June 29th between 9 am and 6 pm ET @dreambabysleep is here to answer your questions about Baby Sleep! Post your questions on this thread and Carolynne will respond by June 30th at 11:59 pm ET.

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  • Leigh
    Leigh Member

    Sleep training 9m/o, should we keep bedtime and naps at same times, for consistency or use wake windows? Baby wakes early in the morning randomly and had poor naps sometimes

  • Leigh
    Leigh Member

    9m/o wake windows seem to shorten throughout the day instead of being able to be longer. How can we fix this with out being overtired and having bad naps/sleep

  • Hello,

    I have an almost 14 month who we are wanting to sleep train. She is used to be rocked and nursed to sleep. She starts her sleep in her crib and then comes to sleep in our bed when she wakes up. She then nurses through out the night. Sometimes, she wakes up again after 1-2 hours of sleeping and has to be either rocked again or sometimes goes back to sleep if her back is patted/rubbed. She is also a contact napper. We would like for her to be able to soothe herself to back to sleep when she wakes up and sleep in her own crib at night.

    Thank you,


  • Sleep training 5Mo — he’s doing so week putting himself to sleep, etc. but every night between 1-4am he wakes up, but doesn’t cry. Only whines. How do I get him to start sleeping thru this?

    His wake windows are currently 2-3hours and sleeps 3-3.5 hours in 3 naps during the day

  • Mar
    Mar Member

    I am struggling with having my 4 month old sleeping. Naps are only lasting 30 mins to no more than over an hour. Bedtime I try to do the same routine the same time. At night he won’t go more than a 4 hour stretch & wakes up 2-3 times a night. Is there anything that I can do to help this sleep regression he’s having?

  • dreambabysleep
    dreambabysleep Member, Expert

    @Leigh At 9 months old we want to be on 2 naps a day at about 9am and 1pm. You want to apply the 1 hour rule to nap 1 and nap 2 to teach baby how to connect sleep cycles to achieve our goal of minimum 60 minutes of asleep time for each nap. Timing is key! We sleep train awake for the day by applying our sleep traing method of choice to the early rising until 6:30am. #1 cause of night waking and early rising is bedtime being too late so be sure bedtime isn't later than 7:30pm on the 2 naps. It can be earlier if baby is fussy. You need a clear plan to sleep train successfully so definately check out my book or Sleep Lab Class! You've got this.

  • Sam_B
    Sam_B Member

    My 6 month old has mainly been contact napping up until last week. I’m now working on her napping in her crib but she can’t ever get passed 30 minutes a nap. Any tips to get her to sleep longer? Her night sleep was always ok (1wake up) until the last few days where we struggle to get her back to sleep after 4am. Guessing her lack of long naps in the day isn’t helping this. Bedtime is 6:30-7:00


  • dreambabysleep
    dreambabysleep Member, Expert

    @TaylorH To move away from contact napping, feeding or holding to sleep we want to choose a sleep method you're comfortable with like Check & Console or Chair Method. Timing is super important. 2 naps at roughly 9am and 1pm and bedtime no later than 7:30pm, earlier if baby is short napping or on 1 nap. If you're ready to move away from night feeds, check out my 8 step night weaning guide!

  • dreambabysleep
    dreambabysleep Member, Expert

    @Nikkdoll Oh la la, this is my absolute favorite age to sleep train because it comes together so quickly. You're spot on with 3 naps a day at about 9/12/3 with bedtime no later than 6:30pm at this age. My Sleep Lab is perfect for you right now. You need to choose a sleep training method you're comfortable with Pick Up Put Down, Chair Method or Check & Console. With the night waking between 1-4am it's likely tied to bedtime being too late. A great place to start is my free 3 part video training!

  • Marisa
    Marisa Member

    My daughter will be 7 months in 5 days and she is still waking up at night wanting to be fed. We have almost 3 year old twins so I know I need to work on getting her to bed earlier. The latest is sometimes 8p. I really think my problem is that she doesn’t consume enough milk during the day. We offer and end up wasting a lot of breast milk and formula because she won’t finish a bottle. We moved her to 2 meals a day thinking that would help and maybe it has or will work but it’s too soon to tell. I also have her on 2 naps 9a and 1p. We usually wake her at 1.5 sometimes we let her go 2 hours.

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