Anyone else a deep sleeper?

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We moved my son to his crib at 9 weeks in his nursery because he rolled to his side so bassinet is no longer safe. I have sound all the way up and sometimes my baby wakes up abd puts himself back to sleep but I noticed when he crys sometimes I'm not waking up to it abd I feel like a horrible mama. Any tipz


  • I had this issue with our first. We purchased a basic audio monitor and use that at night and use the nanit audio during the day. The basic audio monitor (we have a vtech) works very well to pick up all the sounds from the crib and doesn't pick up the sound machine white noise.

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    Don't feel bad about not waking up right away! It's so tough in those early days and I'm sure you are just so exhausted! There have been times when I have slept right through my little guy making noise in the morning and wake up probably 10 minutes later. If you are concerned that you would sleep through your little one crying you can try setting an alarm for when they normally wake up so make sure you also wake up. Hope you find something that helps you!