What was/is your mat leave binge-watching show?

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I am (perhaps obviously) a FTM and found that I filled a lot of my time while on mat leave binge watching shows I always wanted to watch, but never had the time. I really leaned in to that time knowing that if I have more babies, my tv will likely be monopolized by a little person's shows :). My go-tos were Friday Night Lights, Younger, and Gilmore Girls. What were your comfort shows during that time?



  • Cadie
    Cadie Member

    I loved the Great British Bake Off and Schitts Creek.

  • jespr
    jespr Member

    Second Schitts creek! Also I love period dramas and binged on Versailles.

  • Downton abbey!

  • I’m pretty sure I watched everything on Netflix and Hulu.

  • Cris
    Cris Member

    The Office (us) always drowned every bad moment during the day.

  • Marvelous Mrs Maisel!

  • Big Bang Theory

  • Hamilton was on for about a year straight in our house. Our almost 2 year old eats it up and sings along his favorite parts. Lately we've started watching Bluey (Disney+) and though a kids show, us parents enjoy it perhaps even more than our son.

  • Comedy is king. Anything to put a smile back on your face during the utter hell the first couple of weeks are! (If you're lucky)

    Toast of London, Psych, Letterkenny, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, year of the rabbit and the it crowd. Oh and virgin river (spoiler it's not a comedy)

  • Ted Lasso and The Mandalorian