Noisy Sleeper

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I would love to hear other parents settings on their monitor for noisy sleepers. We are first time parents and are struggling with LO being a NOISY sleeper. Do you turn the video noise down and notification sounds up? Do you not have the video on at all? We are rotating sleeping with the monitor on in a different room but looking for some others experience to get back to some normalcy :)


  • Jorden
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    We have a noisy sleeper. Our LO was way worse in the first 4-6mths and gotten better with age. However, still snores occasionally. We did not and do not use the monitor with the background noise on, it's just not worth listening to for the most part. If LO is going to cry out needing something, please believe you will hear it. We did lots of tweaking to our notification settings. Personally I have set motion up quite high and sound on the middle to low side. We have a sneaky LO and really doesn't need us much overnight anymore... only if LO is standing do we even consider going in. Hope that helps.

  • Karianne
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    We set our monitor to about 30% volume now but typically kept it at 50% when our LO was waking up at night. We can hear him through the walls so if he is loud enough that typically wakes us up rather than the monitor anyways. Sometimes he cries out in his sleep and with the volume lower now it doesn’t wake us up as we know he is okay and sleeping through the night.

  • We use a sound machine so we don't hear much of the little sounds...might help you!