Swaddled baby

I have a 10 week old who is swaddled but now seems to turn to her side in herself and break out of the swaddle a lot BUT a still has the moro réflex . How can I make sleep safe and make sure she still sleeps ? She sleeps 5-6 hours at night


  • My baby rolled onto his side right away and I asked my pediatrician about it--I would recommend you do the same to see if your doc. has any tips and to alleviate fears you may have! Ours said not to worry, some babies just move to their side; he said to keep placing him on his back when we put him down, but don't worry about turning him over. He said side sleeping might be a sign that baby is cold, so we started putting our little one in warmer pjs, but that didn't help🤷‍♀️. Our doc. also said to keep an eye on baby to make sure he wasn't fully rolling onto his belly, if that happened, we needed to get him out of the swaddles and make sure his arms were free for rolling himself back. But that didn't happen until ours was closer to 16-18 weeks (he has slept on his side since he was about 5 days old).

    As for breaking out of the swaddle, we switched swaddles when ours started doing that (I love the Halo ones). You do lose the breathing tracker, but our baby had outgrown the Nanit swaddles by 10ish weeks anyway and still needed to be swaddled, so we didn't feel too bad. We put him back in Nanit as soon as he was old enough (no more moro reflex) for pjs and the breathing bands.

  • So baby girl was like your baby , she rolled as soon as we brought her home but because of that I stopped swaddling her and I was having so many issues with her sleep that I was cosleeping , like 2 weeks ago I decided to start swaddling her at night and she started sleeping so much better and in her bassinet and now i am noticing all that she is doing because when I coslept she never rolled or anything . She was always on her back except when I went to feed her (I rolled her in the side ) and then her back again so she never moved in my bed lol but now that she’s in the bassinet , I’ve noticed she rolls to her side and get super close to the mesh and when we slept I was never close to her lol she had almost the whole bed for her because I was scared of SIDS .. so this is all new to me . I just switched her pediatricians so I will bring it up in my next appt

    why did you chose the Halo and not the sleep sack Nanit has ? I’m just curious because this is my first and I’m such a worrier lol