Possible exposure?

Any research on the possibility of Nanit cameras exposing our children to infrared rays? And the link between that and any health issues? The constant red light that’s constantly on has to be unhealthy for any length of exposure to such fragile developing minds/bodies…?!



  • Infrared rays are not harmful to anything. Their energy output is lower on the spectrum than visual light. If you are worried about infrared light then you shouldn't let your baby around any light at all. UV on the other hand can be very damaging to newborns so keep them covered when outside. Again infrared is very week light. Your light bulbs put out stronger light.

  • My main concern is the level of EMF that is emitted at a constant speed from the camera due to its use of infrared. Remember that infants osseous and soft tissue are more fragile than ours. I am doing my own research and will do what’s best for my baby. Thanks for your input though. Cheers.

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    @raross Nanit was tested and approved and we meet the safety guidelines as required. Here is our FCC filing for more information! Please reach out with any other questions.

  • @Melanie Ty for your input. But your link to your company’s FCC is not working. Any research links would also be appreciated.

  • @raross can you let me know what PDF's aren't working? I was just able to access a few - so let me know and I can look into it!

  • Richard
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    I would like to also get a bit more information if possible about the IR LEDs.

    On one support comment it is stated that the somewhat visible four red LEDs are the IR LEDs and on another (as well as the product guide) it states that there are 10 LEDs for IR. can you clarify which it is? Also if they are 850nm they should not provide such obvious red glow.

    Regarding what user “corey” stated, can you specify the mW output of the 850nm IR LEDs? Because IR anywhere between 700-1400nm with sufficient power can, in fact, cause significant eye damage. This was nowhere to be found on the FCC filing

    Thank you I look forward to more info!

  • Natius
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    We are very concern about Infra red Light from Nanit Pro...so we can have in any FCC about aprovals of that that Nanit does not cause any damage.

    Could you send me more information specific for infra red light... not send me alll information about FCC...


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    Hi @Natius,

    I've created a ticket for you so the support team can help you with this further. They'll respond to your ticket via email as soon as they can!

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    Hi @NanitJessica can you please open a ticket for us as well to receive information specific for the infra red light... not the FCC filing. Thanknyou bery much

  • NanitJessica
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    Hi @Kandah,

    I've created a ticket for you so the support team can provide you with the necessary information. They should be contacting you through your ticket via email as soon as they can!