Toddler climbing out of crib

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How do I deal with my 2yo climbing out of the crib? I’m not ready to deal with all the freedom that comes with putting on the toddler rail… The mattress is at the lowest level, but should I lower the mattress to the floor, still within the crib? Has anyone done that?

Also, he has an en-suite bathroom, how do I ‘lock’ the door to keep him from running the sink or bath?

Photo of him caught in the act!


  • NanitMelanie
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    @LeahSimon I love that nanit caught it! My younger sister started throwing herself out of her crib before she was 1! So my mom used one of these crib tents to keep her safe in her crib and it worked wonders!

  • Madi
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    Sleep sacks can help with this if your LO is swinging one leg over the rail! Since there’s fabric between their feet they won’t be able to lift their leg high enough to get it over.

  • Tanya
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    Time for a toddler bed! Putting the mattress on the floor within the crib is a safety risk, as are tents and other additions.

    Can you put a baby gate up to partition the en suite?

  • We put a child proof handle on the knobs of the doors around our house to stop our kiddo from getting into the bathroom. Tanya is correct here that the only safe way to handle it once they can climb out is to move them to a toddler bed (or a twin bed if yours doesn’t convert and you don’t want to do another interim bed). If it helps, my escape artist only took a few days to settle into the new bed.