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  • Hi! All of the COVID precautions we’re taking in society are geared around the elderly. We seem to still have a group mindset that kids are unaffected by COVID since that’s how it was reported early in the pandemic, but I also read reports every day of pediatric ICUs filling up and pediatric deaths. I have a 4 year old who wears a mask like a pro, but I also have a 7 month-old. We’re still on lockdown like it’s April 2020. The outlook for a baby vaccine still seems far into the future. How do I know what the real risk is if I want to just take my baby to the grocery store, where, by the way, almost none of the adults wear masks anymore, because who cares about kids. At what point does the risk of my kid getting seriously ill from COVID look like any other disease. And by “any other”, I don’t have any good examples because for all of the serious and contagious diseases, WE HAVE VACCINES. So how do I manage risk and my wife’s depression/anxiety, and now it looks like we’re entering another wave with Omicron. Yikes. No one can offer any concrete advice, just, “do what you think is safe.” Well, I’m not the expert, and doing what we think is “safe” is making us lose our minds. Please help.

  • I have an 18 month old that is a second child. She says mama dada ow mine and try’s to say a lot of words that don’t quite make the full word but she gets part of it. She went for her 18 month check up and the doctor suggested coming back in 90 days to see if she progressed. She understands everything we talk about and do but she’s reluctant to say the words we ask her to say. Any suggestions/opinion?


  • @MikeThompson - my daughter started doing this despite me exclusively breastfeeding . I spoke to my paediatric pharmacist who suggested it might be a sign of GERD/ acid reflux. After a little back and forth with my doc we started her on a trial of a PPI (acid medication) for a month and then weaned her off. I found it helped.

  • I have an 8 month old. I have been feeding her with my breastmilk. How long more do you recommend that I should keep breast feeding? What are the disadvantages of switching to formulas at this point?

  • Opinion on famotidine for GERD. 8 month old spits up consistently throughout the day. Keeps solids down but spits up throughout whole wake window (2.5hrs) after breastfeeding. Trying famotidine for a few weeks trial but hesitant to do so and looking for other options.

  • Hello my son just turned 2 and my question is how do I Is discipline the right way like if he gets mad at something because he don't get his way he hits or none stop crying how do I handle it

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    Both my babies have a cold ? Is there anything I can give them ? My Oldest is 18 months and he HATES anything medicine like so it’s even hard to trick him cause he notices when the taste of any kind of food is off… help please !!!

  • Hi, my 16 month old is sleep trained, though it has been a long and difficult journey. We worked with a trustworthy sleep consultant and he is sleeping well on 1 nap (1.5-2hrs) and at night. He will not sleep more than 10-10.5 hrs at night (ever). Although it’s a massive difference from before, I would love an 11 or 12 he night. I have meticulously tried problem solving around this for months. How normal is a 10 hr night for a baby? I’m worried it suggests something about his hyperactive character and future development. (All other areas of development are normal, and growing well)

  • My little guy gets sick regularly, as he is in daycare. What can i give him to boost his inmune system?

    thank you!

  • Hi! My son is 22 months old and lately has been protesting bedtime - seems like separation anxiety. We sleep trained him at 8 months and have had very few sleep issues ever since. Any ideas on what it could be and what can help? His temperament is fine throughout the day and he takes about 1.5 hour nap at daycare during the day. Could it be the 18 month or 2 year regression? Thanks so much!

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