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  • Hello,

    My 9 month old recently took a tumble from a bench to a tile floor. She cried but was consolable and has been acting normal since. There are no significant bumps or bruises noted. Should I be concerned and take her to the nearest ER. When do symptoms generally appear?

  • I have been trying to do solids with my baby since she was 7 months old. We’re giving her table food but she’ll eat little to nothing. She has been on purée’s mostly but goes through periods of refusing solids. Sometimes she’ll scream as soon as it’s put in front of her. She also refuses bottles (she’s breastfed) but she’ll be starting daycare by the end of January. If anyone has tips or experienced the same how have you gotten through it. What can I do to encourage her to eat more.

  • i have a few questions here. My baby is 10 months old and is mostly on purée’s we’ve been trying to encourage her to eat table food since 7 months old but she’ll take a few bites and be done or if put in front of her she screams. How can I get her to eat more than two or three bites?

    She refuses to take bottles, how can I encourage her to take a bottle she’ll be starting daycare soon at the end of January. She is breastfed and will take water in an open cup but won’t lift the cup up or touch it when given. Same with sippy cups

    shes also been standing for awhile now since 6 months old and hasn’t stood without support but recently only wants to stand on her tippy toes. Is this normal? She does walk with the push to stand walker and puts one of her feet outward.

    thanks in advance !

  • I forgot one more question my baby has hated car rides since 3 months old. I’ve tried the convertible car seat, toys, games, etc. I sit in the back with her so she’s never alone and will still scream her head off. She’s miserable during these rides how can we change this?

  • My 8 month loves savoury food and formula. She like green vegetables and proteins like chicken and fish, but she doesn’t anything sweet such as fruit. Even when I put more carrots she tends to gag. How can I give my baby a more varied diet?

  • Hi,

    I have a 13.5 month old son. He used to sleep 11-12 hours a night and has now been waking up in the middle of the night between 1-3am every night for the past month. He whines and needs a lot of rocking and comfort to go back to sleep. I have been attributing it to growing pains and teething. He has 8 teeth right now. I also have been weening him off of bottles (whole milk) for morning and night but he still wants them. He won’t drink his milk from a sippy cup. Only water. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi there! My 12 week old baby is sleeping pretty good throughout the night (7hr stretch before needing a feed, which is usually around 2-3am) but after we put him down after his feeding he will continuously wake up every hour until it’s time to wake up. We’ll make sure that he’s not hungry again or needs a diaper change but usually we put the pacifier in every time he wakes up and it’ll take him a couple minutes but he falls asleep on his own until the next hour and we do it all over again. Is this normal? Should I be looking at other factors for early morning wakings?

    we have blackout film on the window to block out all sunlight and I’ve been managing his daytime sleep to make sure he isn’t sleeping too much throughout the day but still keeps waking up like this every night since he started sleeping longer stretches. Thank you for your time!

  • Our baby started rolling over (both front to back, and back to front) around 4 months. They’re now 6 months old. They often roll onto their stomach in the crib. Should we still keep moving them to their back even though they clearly prefers sleeping on their stomach?

  • Our baby has been spitting up since birth and at 6 months old, the amount seems to be a lot (over 1oz per feeding). We’ve tried everything from keeping them upright for 30+ minutes after a feeding to switching formulas but that only seems to help for a couple days before they’re back spitting up. Any recommendations for things to try?

  • How much breast milk per day should my baby be drinking at 9 months?

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