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  • My husband 10 week old sometimes does this ! Following

  • Hello! My daughter is 7mo. We just started introducing solid foods and she is sick on a stomach virus. Her pediatrician saw her, but I got zero guidance on what/how to feed her while she’s sick. She doesn’t want to drink as much of her milk anymore.

    Also, not sure what to do regarding giving her water. She does not know how to drink from 3 Sippy cups, and ends up all wet and I try giving her water of a regular glass. Do you have any tips?

  • Similar to the question Mae2021 has posted - my almost 8 month old has been a bit unpredictable with her wake time lately (used to be 7am and has started sleeping 30 mins or so later). Paired with her naps finally taking shape and being longer than 30 mins, I’m only fitting in 4 milk feeds where we used to have at least 5 per day. She is also now getting solids 2x day. I’m a BF mom so don’t have much visibility to the amount of milk she is getting so I’ve been trying to do one 4.5oz bottle of pumped BM per day to be sure of at least one milk feed. I don’t allow her naps to go past 2 hours if they happen to get to that point and on average she is up from 7/730am - 730/8pm.

  • My LO is 10 months old and prefers to sleep on her stomach. In the past I have always placed her on her back for sleeping and she rolls independently onto her stomach. However the last few weeks she has been waking up in the middle of the night and needing to be rocked back to sleep. After one very difficult night and multiple attempts where she was calm while sleeping on my chest but woke up as soon as I tried placing her on her back in the crib, I ended up trying to put her down on her stomach and she fell right asleep and didn't wake up again. Was this OK to do?

  • Hi, I’ve been producing less breast milk now and baby girl is 6 months old so I just started supplementing with formula. I first started her on kendamil organic and it seemed to not suit her. She became fussy and stopped sleeping well. So I switched her to enfamil gentleease enspire. She was even fussier and painful. Gas, cramping etc. She would cry a lot more than before and then had lots of diarrhea with mucous. Our baby used to sleep 8-10 hours a night and self soothe back to sleep. Now since this ordeal she has been sleeping 4-6 hours total broken up by bouts of crying. The dr said to change her formula to enfamil sensitive as she could have a lactose sensitivity. Before that we did a stool culture which was negative. Now it’s been 3 days on the new formula and she hasn’t pooped at all. She is still crying off and on all night and I wonder if something else is wrong? And if her sleep training is out of the window too? Not sure what else to do. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  • New mom here, i’ve got a 2 week old who I am breastfeeding. I usually nurse him until he is “done” which is usually him falling asleep. I aim for 10 minutes on each breast, but he is never consistently sucking or sometimes doesn’t make it that long! I typically will pump afterwards to try to continue to boost my milk supply. I’m concerned he doesn’t get enough milk/unable to determine how much breast milk he is actually getting. Tips/tricks?

  • i have a 10 week old who is swaddled and is sleeping 5-6 hours at night but she has started to roll to her side a lot now and throws to free her hands from the swaddle . She still has the Moro reflex so should I continue to swaddle

  • Hi!

    I have a 12 mth old that is breastfeeding and eating solids 3 times a day. My goal is to continue morning and bedtime breastfeeds, but wean the day feeds to cow’s milk. I have started offering a cup of 1:1 breast milk:cow’s milk once he wakes from his first nap. I’ve tried it cold and also warmed up. However, at most he’ll take a couple of small sips over a 2 hr span. I’m worried he’ll be dehydrated if he continues this. He does not make up for a missed breastfeed by eating more solids either. His diapers are less full of urine than before weaning. Please advise on how best to proceed. Thanks!

  • Are there any moisturizers or products you recommend to alleviate baby eczema and maintain healthy skin?

  • Hi, our daughter is 4 months old and we are having issues with her feeding in regards to her consistently pulling herself away from the bottle and arching her back when drinking (she never used to do this) We currently are using Apatimal Pepti 1 for the feed before bed and pumped breastmilk the rest of the time. We were moved onto Pepti 1 as there was concern she had a milk allergy. This has been going on now for a good month but she has seemed to have gotten worse over the last couple of weeks. Because me and my partner are trying to give her milk regularly and always offering it to her even if she only drinks 10ml at a time, she seems to be getting what she needs and is not underweight but this is a 24hr job and I have not had any good sleep in a long time and feel I'm about to crash. Because she is not underweight the GP doesn't seem to interested in our problems and keeps telling us to keep doing what we are doing which is not sustainable. We are starting to run out of breastmilk and my milk is decreasing so I soon won't be able to pump more and I feel we are about to hit a wall but no one seems to want to take a good look at her and help as she is not underweight. Not sure what to do or try. Any help or advise would be amazing.

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