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  • @Rogette Ahh yes. Totally developmentally normal! At 4 months of age, baby sleep cycles transition to more adult-type sleep cycles, which includes more phases of "lighter" sleep. The 30-40min duration is probably about the duration of a full sleep cycle, and some babies wake up and cry as they transition through from one cycle to the next. As hard as it is, your goal is to try to teach them to transition with minimal assistance, which can mean using some sleep "training" techniques. The specific ones depend a lot on the baby and parent's philosophy (notice I don't say to necessarily jump to CIO!). Our 5 month old is doing the same thing, and what we're doing right now is just letting him try to work it out for about 5-7mins. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I go in and place a hand on his chest, or shush him (without picking him up), or just sit in the room with him, and that can be the trick to getting him to go back to sleep. A few other tips: make sure your sleep environment is ideal (dark, cool, white noise), and try to make sure your responses are as consistent as possible. There are several other tips but start here and see how it goes!

  • @Xtinelu Keep trying. Focus on variety and positive mealtime associations, and try to do a mealtime at a time when she's otherwise happy, not hungry/tired/etc. Have her sit with you at mealtimes. The change in stooling pattern is quite normal as the gut adjusts. If she is closing her mouth, she may want to try to feed herself - you could try giving her the spoon or trying some baby led feeding (once 6 months old) to see if she prefers this approach!

  • @willkeim I hear you. This whole situation has left those of us with young children (who are not yet eligible for vaccines) feeling left behind. I have posts on this, and also on how to do a risk assessment, but as you mention, with Omicron everything is still in flux. I wish there was a single "right" answer or a way to predict how things would go over time, but things are not that simple. I'd recommend leaning on reliable sources that look at evidence (I write about this regularly, but I also recommend Emily Oster) and recognizing that everything is ultimately a risk/benefit analysis. Ways to minimize risk in general include mitigation strategies (trying to make sure everyone around baby is vaccinated AND practicing common sense precautions) and focusing on the activities that mean the most to your family. We are also not really discussing how to use rapid tests in a smart way - the rapid test options are actually pretty good, especially as an indicator of being "contagious" - for important family events, it is completely reasonable to ask members to test on the day. I wish I had a better, more concrete answer for you. But know this: I see you, and hear this concern (I have a 4 year old and a 5 month old too).

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    @Vmedchill Yes! So in an otherwise healthy child with a typical diet, pediatricians don't usually recommend supplements. But for children who have underlying issues or diets that exclude entire food groups, there are some supplements we think about. I have a post on this that goes through it more thoroughly, but I'd think about Iron, B12, Vitamin D, omega 3s.

  • @JasminRose Good question! I have a post on this, but you can go either cold turkey or gradual.

  • Hello Dr Playford,

    Can you share your thoughts regarding the use of fleece jammies? We're in NJ and the room temperature with the ceiling fan brings the temp to around 67-68 degrees. Right now our 6 month old is using cotton jammies with a cotton sleep sack and we leave the ceiling fan on all day

  • Hello,

    We do tummy time several times a day for our 6 month old. What's the average frequency and amount of time that we should aim for tummy time? Also, we have the UMom swing that we use. Is there an average amount of time per use - 20 minutes? 1 hour? Etc :). Thanks!

  • Hello Dr,

    We plan on getting together with our extended family for the first time with our six month old. There will be about 10 -15 people indoors with all folks vaccinated and taking precautions with mask wearing at stores etc. Any thoughts/suggestions as we're a little nervous with the new variant and with introducing our daughter to a group. Also I breastfeed and was curious if there were any updates regarding antibodies being passed through breastmilk? Thanks!

  • Hello Doctor,

    To prepare for back to work, I started freezing some breastmilk about 3 months ago. I read that that wasn't necessary and that the breastmilk supplied to your infant should be closer aligned to their age and nutritional needs. I'm confused. Also, what is the time frame for refrigerated (not frozen) breastmilk? Any guidance with this would be great.

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    Same issue here. Our family doctor said it wasn't much of a concern because it'd work itself out (most likely) over time. Baby skulls are soft and in multiple pieces, and they can change shape over months. Our doctor just encouraged us to try and get his attention to the other side with visuals and sounds. If there's tightness in the neck muscles in one side, can also do gentle massage there regularly to encourage loosening the tightness. If it winds up being a persistent problem despite that, they prescribe special helmets/head gear for babies to fix their melons!

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