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  • Hello Dr Playford,

    Can you share your thoughts regarding the use of fleece jammies? We're in NJ and the room temperature with the ceiling fan brings the temp to around 67-68 degrees. Right now our 6 month old is using cotton jammies with a cotton sleep sack and we leave the ceiling fan on all day

  • Hello,

    We do tummy time several times a day for our 6 month old. What's the average frequency and amount of time that we should aim for tummy time? Also, we have the UMom swing that we use. Is there an average amount of time per use - 20 minutes? 1 hour? Etc :). Thanks!

  • Hello Dr,

    We plan on getting together with our extended family for the first time with our six month old. There will be about 10 -15 people indoors with all folks vaccinated and taking precautions with mask wearing at stores etc. Any thoughts/suggestions as we're a little nervous with the new variant and with introducing our daughter to a group. Also I breastfeed and was curious if there were any updates regarding antibodies being passed through breastmilk? Thanks!

  • Hello Doctor,

    To prepare for back to work, I started freezing some breastmilk about 3 months ago. I read that that wasn't necessary and that the breastmilk supplied to your infant should be closer aligned to their age and nutritional needs. I'm confused. Also, what is the time frame for refrigerated (not frozen) breastmilk? Any guidance with this would be great.

  • @SD123 Once they are able to roll both ways, you do not need to go in and flip them over. Many babies prefer to sleep on their bellies. I would still place them on their back, but then if they roll over, you don't need to intervene.

  • @Pheebs I have another answer on this -- but I would recommend focusing on responsive feeding and taking the pressure off the meal. Increased pickiness is completely appropriate for this age, and unfortunately vgetting into a battle of wills makes mealtimes emotional and stressful for everyone. If you are concerned about your child's growth then talk to your pediatrician, but otherwise I would try a period of 2-4 weeks where you back off and let them lead the way. They may surprise you! (Also be very careful you arent using milk as a crutch on days when your child didnt eat as well - you can end up in a picky eating cycle when getting >16-22oz of whole milk per day). I have posts on this as well as what is normal picky eating in this age group, and on the "division of responsibility" approach to eating that I recommend.

  • @Jmcw4cy I have a few other answers on t his! I'm planning to do a series of posts on intrroducing solids int he coming few weeks (my little one is 5.5months old) - I have a lot of thoughts on BLW and purees. In general, as in most things, there is no single "right answer" - different babies have different needs. There are a lot of positives to BLW, though, and my favorite resource is a book I helped to put together along with several other experts (a pediatric allergist, pediatric dietitian, pediatric speech therapist, etc) called "101 before one"

  • @SkyBlueStarLight Kids in daycare get sick frequently, as do infants with toddler siblings. I expect about an illness a month in the first year or two, and this time of year those tend to be upper respiratory illnesses. Interestingly, for those children who do not go to daycare, they get the same illnesses - just later, when they start school.

    As for immune "boosting" -- in my experience, many companies sell supplements without sufficient evidence or regulation, and try to take advantage of worried parents. Our immune systems are smart. They do not need to be "boosted". There are certainly things we can do to optimize health, and to minimize illness - many of them aren't ****, though. Hand washing, healthy diets, good sleep, etc.

    I have posts on immune boosting, evidence-based strategies to optimize your child's health, and ways to minimize daycare illnesses, as well as when you should be worried about "too many" illnesses from daycare. All are on my instagram!

  • @Geoff_L In most cases, this should not cause long-term issues. However, without more specifics and an exam, hard to say! I wouldn't worry too much at this point. Not sure how old your child is, but if you are concerned, trust your gut and talk to your pediatrician!

  • @Catahoulamom I have another answer on this topic (see my response two comments above this one), as well as as series of posts on my instagram discussing what to expect after your child starts daycare. Briefly, we expect about an illness a month for the first year, and this time of year they tend to respiratory illnesses. Check out my posts for more about ways to optimize your child's health and what red flags to watch for/when to be concerned about "too many" illnesses.

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