Have you tried any of these unusual ways to get baby to sleep?

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We’ve all been there - baby just won’t go to sleep. You aren’t the first parent who’s had to go beyond the normal bedtime routine to get baby to sleep. 💤

What works for you when your normal routine isn't doing the trick?

Have you tried any of these unusual ways to get baby to sleep? 22 votes

Take baby for a drive
Add some white noise
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Do some squats while holding baby
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Place extra pacifiers in their crib
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Play soft music and sway gently with your baby
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  • Add some white noise

    I definitely lean towards the white noise (and increasing said noise if he's having trouble drifting), but now I want to try the squats tactic!

  • Jane
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    Do some squats while holding baby

    When our baby was younger and before he was sleep/nap-trained, I would literally do squats to bounce him to sleep! It got really difficult when he became heavier at around ~5-6 months of age. It was a serious workout!

    We've been using white noise for all of our baby's naps and nighttime sleep. We use the Nanit Whitenoise sound in addition to our Hatch Rest. I've heard it's good sleep hygiene practice, even for adults. We used to turn it up louder if he was fighting sleep (not sure that ever actually worked!)

  • LeahSimon
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    Do some squats while holding baby

    So hard to choose one when I’ve used them all at some point with my 2 boys. I think the most helpful on a regular basis for us has been 1) louder white noise 2) extra pacifiers in the crib. If they needed more consoling, squats or swaying to humming or a musical stuffy.

  • LeahSimon
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    Do some squats while holding baby

    The drive never seemed to work for us. If they did fall asleep in the car, they would always wake back up during the transition back to bed so it would backfire on us.

  • Add some white noise

    I have 3 boys ages 12 yrs, 3 yrs and 1 yr. All 3 of my kids have been awesome sleepers and slept thru the night fairly early. People always ask me my secret. ROUTINE!! This is so important. They listen to classical music, except the oldest one switched to white noise around age 7. When they're really small, around the same time every night, we take a bath, lotion (lavender vanilla), pajamas and 20 minutes of a quiet learning show, usually from amazon. Something that teaches letters and/or numbers. This is the only TV of the day. A sleep sack and then a kiss and off to bed still awake. The 1 yr old also has a light up cloud that plays music or other noises. We used it on womb noises when small and changed it to rain sounds now that he's older. It plays for maybe 10 min. All these things signal that it's time for sleep. They usually fall asleep within 5-10 minutes tops. We never vary from this routine. We are always home at night and it is always the same. I also keep it cold. It is proven that people sleep better when it is cooler. I know I do!

    Everyone used to tell me I was lucky with the first. Then I got lucky again 10 years later... But I do not believe I've only been lucky 3 times now. I work in early childhood education and mostly work with infants. I do believe there are definite tips and tricks to use to help babies sleep!! Good luck everyone!!

  • We find that a wind down of a book or two puts her into a good mellow state for bedtime bottle then sleep.