Sleepwear & Room Temperature

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I'm always curious what other children wear to nap/sleep! My boy always sleeps in a long-sleeve (either he's already wearing a long-sleeve, or we layer a thin snap button top onto his short-sleeve), pants, and a sleep sack (0.5t) when he naps, and one-piece footed PJ + the same sleep sack when he sleeps at night. We try to keep his room at 22-24°C (I'm Canadian, so celsius 😄) as much as possible.

What do(es) your child(ren) wear?


  • Chris
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    We use sleep bags and he loves them, we did try blankets but soon switched to the sleep bags. We tend to look at the room temperature before bedtime and dress him accordingly, Generally a long sleeve top now we are entering Summer (UK) but over the winter we had him in 2 layers, sleep suit & Bodysuit.

    We have 1Tog and a 2.5Tog (winter) room is generally 20°C when going to bed.

    We have recently started using the Nanit Sleep Bag but there is no stated Tog rating on it, we do find this a lot better than using the sleep bands on top of other sleep bags.

    We do use a blanket for daytime naps though again its often kicked off within a few minutes but the house is generally warm enough during the day with what he is wearing.

  • Victoria
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    Similar routine here, around 20*C (68-70*F) room, for naps it's long sleeve usually but sometimes short, it's whatever her outfit is minus pants with a fleece type bag and overnight she's in a footed pj's with her lighter material sleep sack.

  • Karianne
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    We keep my boys room from 66-73°F and he sleeps in a nanit sleep bag during the night with long sleeve jammies and during the day if his room is on the cooler side I like to put long sleeves on him with a nested bean sleep sack on him. If it's warmer I just leave him in short sleeves during the day

  • Megan
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    We use sleep sack and long sleeve PJs (69-71 degrees F). Sleep sacks are a must in our crib... or those feet get right through the crib slats every time :)

  • tory31
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    Currently, our 5.5 month old naps in whatever she’s wearing for the day plus a sleep sack, and sleeps in a long sleeve onesie and a sleep sack.

    We do not have central A/C in our home (we’re in Connecticut), but we have a window unit in her room and keep it at 72 degrees. Her room fluctuates between 71-73 degrees at night.