What’s the best humidity?

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What’s the best humidity for my new born?


  • @Sbazsy I consulted with Dr. Natalie Barnett and she recommended the following:

    here in the US we typically recommend a room temperature around 70-72 deg F. At that temperature, your baby just needs footed PJs. You might add a sleeping bag if needed. Ideally, humidity around 30%-60% is great, but don't go too crazy over it. If the room is particularly dry you can have the humidifier going all night.

  • MayaW
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    Hi @NanitMelanie

    My Nanit alerts me often that humidity is out of the desired range (67%). I receive these notifications quite often.

    Is there anyway I can turn off or silence these notifications? (I receive them at least once every 2-3 hours).

    Alternatively, do you have any suggestions on how to make the room dryer?


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    Hi @MayaW,

    Thanks for posting on the community! You can change the humidity level if you prefer by going to your camera settings > Notifications > Change the min/max under "Humidity Alerts". Or you can toggle on/off by tapping on "Humidity Alerts".

    You might also want to try checking a dehumidifier to help the humidity level in the room.

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    Thank you so much @NanitJessica! Your instructions worked perfectly!