Can Nanit see vomit in night vision mode?

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Can Nanit see vomit in night vision mode? My 9 month old has thrown up twice tonight. The first time we forgot to turn on the camera after coming home from a family party this evening, and the second time it happened when we went in to plug the camera back in. We have the door open across the hall so that we can hear if he throws up again, but I’m just wondering in case we miss it whether we will be able to see any vomit on the mattress🥺.


  • @Johnsonea oh gosh - I'm so sorry this happened, I know how scary that can be! I hope he is feeling better.

    Nanit won't be able to detect if your baby throws up, however, depending on how much motion your baby makes you could receive a motion alert. I haven't had an experience yet with seeing vomit with night mode, so hopefully, someone else here in the community has and will be able to chime in! I've put an ask out to our team to see if we have any additional insight to share with you!

  • Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this happened 😔 We had this experience a month ago when our kiddo threw up in the night. We didn't hear it, and we didn't even see it even though we were actually watching him on-and-off at the time since he was sick. The only thing we were able to discern from the night vision video is bits of dark blobs on the crib sheet that wasn't there previously; it was because he had blueberries in the day. Unfortunately, I would say it's near impossible to see vomit in night vision, and harder to hear it if you use the whitenoise.

    My only suggestion: If you have a patterned bedsheet, take a Nanit photo/screenshot of the bed when empty and in night vision. That way, if you think he's vomited, or if you see any dots/blobs of vomit, you can compare to a live video. Or, buy plain crib sheets from now on, which is what we're gonna do...

    Good luck, and I hope he is feeling better!