Let's see your nursery & hear your nursery and registry essentials

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Share your #nanitnursery and tell us what you can't live without in your nursery and on your registry!



  • I know so many of these things could easily change by child as I've heard some of these were hit and miss with different friends but here are some of our favorites:

    • Yogasleep Rohm Portable Whitenoise Machine
    • Diaper Genie
    • Vava Night Light
    • Boudreaux's Butt Paste
    • A wipe warmer (Honestly, we held out for a long time but this was a well spent $15)
  • ers1219
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    Bubula diaper pail (no expensive refills, just normal bags!)

    plant therapy kid safe oil blends

    nanobebe pacifiers

    wubbanub bear

  • Chris
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    My Nanit and breathing wear - Sleeping bag is brilliant and minimises false red alerts.

    Tommee Tippee Twist & Click Bin - Refills are not cheap but we never have an issue with smell and we are both happy to empty the bin as its easy.

    Check Wipes - Reusable Wipes kit - absolutely brilliant and environmentally friendly.

    Smart Light Bulb which allows me to dim as much as I want and set colours to help him wind down at night / stay asleep during the night

  • Jane
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    For us, these are the essentials that get us through everyday:

    • Diaper Genie diaper pail
    • Keekaroo change pad
    • Hatch noise machine (although we also Nanit's "Whitenoise" sound when baby sleeps)
    • Vick's cool humidifier

    And, of course, Nanit ☺️

  • KbM
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    •Hatch baby changing pad. No pads, no liners, just a soft perfect spot for messy messes. AND, it’s a scale. Super convenient for tracking milk and weight, etc.

    • not really nursery related but any chance I get to encourage breastfeeding moms to use a haakaa. I easily gained 100 ounces in the months I was breastfeeding.

    • I used a dekor diaper pail and have no complaints!

  • alyssa_giannotti
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    Another one we love is the Echo dot! It’s nice to play music when baby is on changing table, we have her lamp attached to a smart plug so we can ask Alexa to turn on/off, and we can drop in and talk to her through the echo dot when in another room.

  • Karianne
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    We have our nanit mounted on the wall above the crib.

    We Love our Hatch Rest Sound Machine, the nightlight on it made those late night feeding sessions easy to see without being super bright.

    We have a bookshelf full of books and toys for playtime and a rocking chair for reading time.

  • Our must haves?

    rechargeable/dimmable touch night light, smart bulb & an Alexa, Sleepea 5 second swaddles & Mustela cleansing water

  • PDC
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    Our must-haves include:

    - Alexa-

    - Hatch

    - Ubbi diaper can

    - Blackout curtains

    - Busy wallpaper on changing table wall (works magic during diaper changing time)

    - Nanit with breathing bands (of course 🙃)

    ****I don't know how to remove the second repeat post on here.***

  • Jane
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    @PDC That wallpaper + rug = stunning!!! 😍