When did you stop swaddling?

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Hi all!

I have a 4 month old who just learned how to roll over (and boy did he stay up all night excited about that one☺️). We had his arms out in a Halo swaddle around 3mo and then we fully removed the swaddle about two weeks ago. He went through a major regression last week, so my husband tried putting him back in the swaddle (arms out of course) and that worked like a charm. If he sleeps better with the swaddle, I don't mind keeping him in it, but with a hot Virginia summer around the corner, I'd to get away from it to avoid overheating. Have any of you fully transitioned away from the swaddle? If so, around what age did that happen?



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    We used the SNOO for the first 6 months, but our daughter did nap in a travel crib whenever we went to my parent's house and for a couple weeks when we went on vacation last summer. Once she could roll over we only felt comfortable having her arms swaddled inside the sleep sack when she was strapped into the SNOO. When she was in the travel crib we used the Zipadee Zip swaddle with the nanit breathing band around her center so her hands could be covered, but she still had the freedom to move and push herself up as needed.

    If you're concerned about overheating I'd look into the different fabrics available. Halo has some great lightweight fabrics, as do other sleep sacks like the zipadee zip & the nested bean.

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    You can totally keep your baby in the Halo with their arms out if they like that and if its the cotton Halo (not the fleece) he should be fine in that if you can get the room cool enough (look at the TOG chart on the site). But if you are worried about overheating, you could also try the Nanit Breathing Band which should give the same snug feeling of the Halo around your baby's tummy!

    But in general, you can leave him in the Halo with arms out until he grows out of it! The most important thing is that his arms are not swaddled once he can roll over, which is exactly what you did 👏!

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    My son loooves sleeping on his stomach and once he knew how to roll over around 3 months, we said goodbye to the swaddle. He transitioned nicely-we used the Nanit sleep sack with the built in breathing band. It gave him the freedom to sleep on his belly with the familiar snug feeling he was used to with a swaddle!

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    We went straight from swaddle to a sleep sack and are still in it at almost 2 years old! We just use a really lightweight one in the summer and keep his room cool - I like to think that it is encouraging him to not try to climb out of him crib but who knows if that’s really the case!

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    We ditched the swaddle at 3 months and used the Zipadee Zip transition swaddle for about 6 weeks. She is now in a regular sleep sack and honestly didn’t notice either transition!

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    Per AAP guidelines, two months old is when you should stop swaddling or when baby starts to roll, whichever occurs first. So since your baby is rolling, you should not swaddle anymore. It took a bit of an adjustment for our baby, but now he's just fine in sleep sacks! Good luck!

  • We started doing arms out at about 8 weeks and then we transitioned to a zipadee zip sleep sack at 12 weeks! I would highly recommend it because it allows them to fully move their arms and legs while still being cozy and safe for rolling! My guy is now 14 weeks old and is rolling regularly so I am really glad we stopped swaddling when we did!

  • Our Ped had us unswaddle at 2 months as it apparently hinders babies from learning to roll. If your son is rolling it's really not safe for him to be swaddled anymore.

    The regression sucks, I know, but they do eventually grow out of it. Took my daughter a few weeks to get used to it. Now at 5 months we use the nanit pj's and breathing band.

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    We swaddled our daughter only in the hospital. We stopped as soon as we came home. And didn’t have any issues with her sleeping. She is sleeping in her wearable blanket from the beginning and loves it. We come from Europe and swaddling is not as common there as it is in USA.

  • We only use a crib, we tried the swaddles but at like 3-4 weeks we found him on his side a few times so we ended up just going no swaddle really early and he's been good. 7 weeks now and sleeps anywhere from 3 to 5 or even 7 hours.